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Tobacco Process

The Tobacco Process

A cigar is like a passion: First you light it up, then burn red, violet, violent, virulent, then create embers and create ashes: a passion consumed. ... A good cigar is a woman and a woman is a smoke. A passion made of that primitive leaf to blaze in a slight flame and then to avidly burnt the ember. Guillermo Cabrera Infante, (From “Puro Humo”.)

Tobacco belongs to the botanic species Nicotiana Tabacum, from the Solanaceae family; it has 24 pairs of chromosomes. Scientifics believe that this species is an amphidiploid, means a natural hybrid, originated from another two species of the same kind: Nicotiana Tometosiformis and Nicotiana Sylvestris. This hybrid should be sterile and for its reproduction would be necessary duplicate its chromosomes, this could have happened spontaneously in nature.

In October of 1492 Columbus mentions Tobacco for the first time in history: “the natives brought fruit, wooden spears, and certain dried leaves which gave off a distinct fragrance.” And some days later: "We found a man in a canoe going from Santa Maria to Fernandia. He had with him some dried leaves which are in high value among them, for a quantity of it was brought to me at San Salvador” (Taken form Christopher Columbus' Journal)

Tobacco arrived in Europe from the Americas, and was first condemned during the Holy Inquisition, but nobody could stop its spread throughout the whole world. Many have been trying to combine tradition and quality, but never with the excellence, knowledge and professionalism now been achieved by PURE AROMA CIGARS, INC. More than a company, we are a family determined to bring to aficionados and connoisseurs the best of the best in cigars.