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Our Story


Comments from the President of PURE AROMA CIGARS, Inc.

Who We Are

Pure Aroma Cigars, Inc. is a corporation that imports & distributes aged, premium cigars. In keeping with the time-honoured traditions of the world’s finest cigars, our products are made of high quality tobacco and are hand-rolled by a dedicated and experienced staff of cigar rollers. Based in Miami, Florida, our assembly and manufacturing processes take place in Costa Rica.


Our goal is to provide the finest quality, premium cigars at a reasonable price. We are guided by the principle of superior quality as the basis for everything we do, and are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations. With rigorous quality standards and sure, steady growth, we are endeavoring to make our product available in every possible tobacco market nationwide.

New Customers

If you are new to our brand, Pure Aroma Cigars invites you to enjoy our new line of aged premium tobacco. We humbly recommend you try these fine blends and taste the result of a family passion for premium aged handcrafted cigars. Allow us to fulfill your expectations of a pleasurable cigar smoking experience and you will not be disappointed.


I’m an ordinary family man, embraced by the love and passion for premium cigars. I was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1973 and early on developed an obsession with the hand rolled Cuban delights. I have enjoyed cigars for more than twenty two years and plan to continue doing so for many more. I came to the United States in 1995 from Sweden to reside in Miami, and consider myself lucky to be a citizen of the U.S. which has given me the opportunity to live out my dreams. I truly hope you will enjoy the D’Crossier brand of cigars and delight as I do in their taste and fine aroma. Thank you, and enjoy!

Isaias Santana Diaz, President Pure Aroma Cigars, Inc.

Dear Friends:

Taste in cigars, as in all things, is largely a matter of personal preference; quality, on the other hand, can be held to measurable standards. The D'Crossier brand embodies excellence, crafted using a time-honoured family recipe that dates back to the nineteenth century. From the minute you inhale one of our fine cigars, you will savor the legacy of Francisco Crossier, my great grandfather and inspiration. Family Tree

Back in the eighteen hundreds, Great Grandfather Crossier found himself on a journey to North America, searching for seeds to renew his vineyards in France. As with many great adventures, the law of unintended consequences dictated that he should arrive on the beautiful island of Cuba. Confronted with the varied and delightful flavors of that island, he wrote in his diary (which our family still retains) about the "fine Cuban Leaf of Tobacco" used in his smoking pipe, and “the Pinar Del Rio Valley (which) is a giant humidor all by itself”.

He quickly learned the Spanish way of life and language. He got used to the gentle Caribbean weather patterns and used them to his advantage to harvest fine Cuban tobacco. Although he intended to return to France to expand his domain with the combination of wine & cigars, love touched his heart and he remained in Cuba. There he prospered, investing in sugar cane and local real estate. Wine, Brandy and cigars were a passion he indulged after every meal and late into the night.

I heard all these stories at family reunions, but when I discovered his diary and read it, my heart and soul were touched and I was transformed. In 1990, I tried to roll my very first cigar and smoke it. I was only 17 years old, and when I lit this imperfect creation, inhaled and immediately coughed it out I vowed to complete my great grandfather’s legacy by crafting a truly great cigar.

With luck, timing and the grace of God, Great-Grandfather’s heritage now lives on within our family. I am proud to share with you the embodiment of our family’s vision, our dream, which I am blessed to have recreated in my lifetime.

Please enjoy with my thanks. Isaias Santana Diaz